Easy and Quick Vegan Meal Ideas

Hello Ballet Foodies! Claire and Robbie here to give you some easy and quick vegan meal ideas! All of the pictures below are from Claire’s Instagram account @ballerina_eats.

Being vegan is SOO simple and with this blog we will continue to show you how to eat a more plant based diet. ¬†With this lifestyle you can help save the planet, animals, and improve your health. A vegan diet is perfect for dancers as the carbohydrates give you the energy you need to perform your best and you won’t be weighed down by animal products. This diet is not about restriction but about abundance. Plant foods are lower in calories so it is important to eat more frequently and larger amounts for optimal energy.

Here are some easy breakfast ideas to get you started.

Avocado Toast!!! This is one of our favorites and it is super quick to make.  Most bread is vegan, but double check the ingredients to make sure. We both really like the Ezekiel bread in the orange bag. It is low glycemic and sprouted so its easier on the stomach. Also it contains no preservatives. Season it with salt and/or pepper. The lemon pepper from Trader Joes is also really good.

(I also love adding sliced tomatoes to my avo toast!)

Another quick toast option is peanut butter and banana toast, or any nut butter of your choice. Topping it with cinnamon is also delicious.

The next breakfast option is oatmeal. Oatmeal is super versatile. Robbie likes to use oatmeal packs from Trader Joes and uses two packs and sometimes a piece of fruit. Claire measures out about 2/3 cup of plain quick oats and adds cinnamon and coconut sugar. Toppings she uses are nut butters, apples, banana, or berries. Adding chia seeds is also good for extra omega-3s.

Smoothies: I like to blend frozen fruit together with chia seeds, coconut oil, and either juice or water. This takes under 5 minutes to make. You can even add in some spinach and you will not taste it at all!

Similar to smoothies is banana ice-cream. This is super simple, just freeze super ripe bananas overnight and blend them with a small amount of almond milk or any dairy free milk for a super thick ice-cream like consistency. You can add any flavors like cocoa powder, berries, cinnamon, etc. The options are endless. Adding greens to this would also give you extra nutrients. Make sure to use enough bananas to make it filling and energizing. The carbohydrates, sugar, and fiber from fruit are perfect for breakfast.

Other quick breakfast options include fruit salad, dairy free yogurt, cereal with dairy free milk, and vegan cream cheese or peanut butter on a bagel or rice cake.

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